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When it comes to finding high quality stock music for our concerts and live performances, we at Life Long Dreams turn to  We love the wide selection of stock music their website features, and you certainly can’t beat the price!

To check out the website,

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Free Stock Music

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LLD 3rd Annual Fall Concert

Life Long Dreams Presents

3rd Annual “Beyond the Starz” Fall Concert

The World of Colors

In recognition of National Disability Awareness Month, Life Long Dreams today announced its 3rd Annual “Beyond The Starz” Fall Concert, to be held at the Flamingo Library Theater, 1401 E. Flamingo Rd in Las Vegas on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 7 p.m. (Red Carpet rolls out at 6:30 p.m.).

Life Long Dreams is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing performing and creative arts programs that embrace individuals with special needs. Their “Beyond the Starz” Fall Concert is an annual showcase for these young, talented entertainers, and the nonprofits’ biggest fundraiser of the year. The concert also affords an opportunity to educate the public about disabilities, as well as create awareness that, indeed, talent has no boundaries.

This year’s theme, The World of Colors, symbolizes how the power of color influences our emotions and impacts our lives, creating a beautiful rainbow of experiences through our life journey.

Joining Life Long Dreams Performers this year is special guest Lillian McMorris, along with a star-studded line-up of local celebrity entertainers (Big Starz) including Genevieve, Mark Giovi, Denise Fuleihan, Veronica “Lady V” Morton, the Las Vegas Mass Choir, Andre King, Shelly Jordan, Sherry Kline, Bobby Brooks Hamilton, Freddie B., Adrien Curry and more.

“Life Long Dream performers will bring joy to your heart and inspire you to dream,” said co-founder Tshlene Henreid.  “Please join us on this amazing journey as we continue to reshape disability into special ability”.

Advance tickets are $15 for adults ($20 at the door) and $10 for students with IDs and children ($15 at the door).   To purchase advance tickets online CLICK HERE.  For more information contact Tshlene Henreid at (702) 979-4642 or VISIT OUR WEBSITE.

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LLD Live Memorabilia Auction

Life Long Dreams Proudly Announces
Saturday, October 22, 2011 @ 7:00 pm
Flamingo Library Theater
1401 E. Flamingo, Las Vegas, NV
Come bid on one-of-a-kind movie and music memorabilia…
from Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Justin Beiber and more!
Plus raffles, give-a-ways and much more…
including one-of-a-kind vacation packages!
Join Life Long Dreams as we open up our hearts and continue to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs.
Please be advised that we are unable
to accept credit cards at this time.
Cash or Check only.
Life Long Dreams continues to bridge
the gap between the disabled community and
the Arts and Entertainment industry.
We invite you to join us as we open our hearts
and fulfill our mission to enrich the lives of
individuals with special needs.

For more information, please call 702.979.4642

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Capital One Credit Card Fundraiser

Give More Without Spending More!

Now you can effortlessly help Life Long Dreams every time you make a purchase with your credit card, by turning your everyday spending into meaningful donations.

Credit Card 2

Just apply for Life Long Dreams’ credit card, and cash donations for every purchase you make-plus a $50 first purchase bonus-will be donated to our nonprofit organization.

Choose from 3 Life Long Dreams’ card designs

$50 initial donation to our cause

Earn 2% Cash rewards at most gas & grocery stores

Earn 1% Cash rewards on all other purchases

Earn up to 10% Cash rewards at select merchants

The card comes with a competitive rate, so sharing your passion-and your support-is easy and automatic.

Apply today!

To Apply for the LLD Credit Card,  CLICK HERE

Your continued support assures Life Long Dreams can continue to provide performing and creative arts programs to kids with special needs.

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KLAS News Feature

Life Long Dreams 2010 Feature on KLAS News

CLICK HERE to View Video of KLAS LLD Feature Story

To Read the KLAS Feature on LLD, CLICK HERE

Many thanks to KLAS Channel 8 for their extensive coverage of Life Long Dreams.  The 3-part feature aired for an entire week in November of 2010, and greatly boosted awareness of Life Long Dreams in the Las Vegas community.

Group Offers Dreams to Special Kids

POSTED: NOV 18, 2010 3:35 PM PST

LAS VEGAS — You’ve heard of the Special Olympics — kids with special needs who win medals for track and field. But, what about those special needs kids who just want to sing, dance and perform on Broadway someday?

Lifelong Dreams is group that helps those kids with special needs achieve those dreams, and those dreams are coming true.

James Alovea has always dreamed of singing in front of an audience.

“I like that you can get to be free with your voice and let it all out,” he said.

His life has been confined to this wheelchair. Cerebral palsy made James believe his love for music would never be heard, until now. Lifelong Dreams has given dozens of kids with special needs the chance to sing, dance and perform.

“They should have an opportunity to express themselves. That’s what inspired us,” said Lifelong Dreams co-founder Tshlene Henreid.

Henreid and co-founder Cathy Warriner started Lifelong Dreams three years ago. Henreid used to be a dancer herself, before rheumatoid arthritis shattered her dreams. Now she lives them through kids like James.

“I don’t think they realize how much they heal our hearts and how they are medicine for our souls,” she said.

For these 25 teens, all they’ve ever wanted to do is to show they are like everyone else. It’s concerts that has helped James come out of his shell. No longer are these kids the quiet, shy ones in school.

“I can go on and on about the miracles that are helping in their lives. Now, they are auditioning for school plays,” said Henreid.

Both James and Tshlene are living their dreams. James went from watching the singers, to becoming one.

“This group helped me go from behind the stage to on stage,” he said.

These kids aren’t disabled. There are no wheelchairs, no canes, no down syndrome here in this concert hall. They perform just like anyone else, and sometime even better.

Both co-founders of Lifelong Dreams pay for everything out of their pocket, they could use the help. Also, they have had no place to practice, jumping from church to church just for the kids to be able to get their music lesson.


I had the opportunity to attend the production this past weekend and my heart was full!!! I don’t have much to donate, but, whatever I do have, will go to this organization! There was not a dry eye in the audience. What an experience for all who attended. They were so talented and these kids hearts were so pure and transparent. You could see straight to their souls. God bless everyone involved. — diabell 

What an awesome group and such talented children. I really hope that people in the area can help them out. I’ve checked out their website and they are such precious children. Can’t wait to contact them and find out how i can help. — LVHobbit

I live in Brooklyn, New York and volunteer with similar groups of young adults with special gifts in the NYC metro area. I know how much of a blessing it is to my life just to experience a feeling of pure love which is not an easy thing to find. I want to encourage my fellow “young at heart Baby Boomers ” in the Las Vegas Area to support “Lifelong Dreams” and watch how much “YOU” grow! Special congratulations to all the volunteers, especially My Twin Sister, who shared her spirit of joy to a Broadway caliber production! — Aunt

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Las Vegas Sun Article

To view the Las Vegas Sun LLD feature below, CLICK HERE.

Right, Zach Warriner, 18, sings during rehearsal as Michael Gray, 17, and Anthony Jacko, 20, dance along in the background during singing and dancing lessons with the group Life Long Dreams at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008 | midnight

Megan Rosener loves to sing, dance and act — but they’re fairly new pursuits.

She suffered a stroke when she was born and lives with cerebral palsy, Attention Deficit Disorder and seizures. And Hollywood and Broadway don’t offer a lot of roles for children with special needs.

Then her mother, Yogi Rosener, heard about Life Long Dreams, a free program that gives children with physical and learning disabilities their moment in the spotlight.

Megan, 14 of Desert Shores, was initially hesitant to be on stage because her impairments left her feeling like an outsider. But as two of her fellow teen performers held her hand and led her on stage at her first performance with the group, Megan’s inner diva came out.

“Her self confidence has just exploded,” Yogi said. “She was the last one to raise her hand. She’s raising her hand at school now. She does choir. She’s volunteering to do projects. She would never do this before.”

Megan’s transformation into a performer and socialite took only a few months.

Life Long Dreams gives children with physical and learning disabilities the chance to show off their hidden talents on stage. But as the founders, parents and teachers say it also gives the children a boost to their self esteem and perhaps a career in film, television and the stage.

Cathy Warriner and Tshlene Henreid started the group last December. Warriner is the mother of a son with Down syndrome and Henreid was a professional dancer.

At the peak of her career, Henreid was struck with rheumatoid arthritis that forced her into a wheelchair for four years.

Life took a turn but not for the worse, she said.

Henreid worked as a talent agent in Los Angeles for 11 years before moving to Las Vegas last year. Within six months, she had organized a talent show for children with chronic health conditions and special needs called Wish Upon a Star.

That’s when she met Warriner and the two were inspired by the enthusiasm and stage presence of the performers.

“I wanted people to know that no matter what, no matter what special need or challenge you have that it’s here in our hearts and our minds if we want to overcome something. We don’t have to be great at it, we just need to do what we love,” Henreid said.

Henreid recently founded Cypress Entertainment Co. to represent special needs children using her Hollywood connections.

“We need to get that industry a little more open minded because they can act,” she said.

Warriner’s 18-year-old son Zach appears as an extra in Disney’s High School Musical 3. He met the film’s stars, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, in a private interview.

Before he could talk, Zach could hum 50 songs by heart, Cathy said. He learned to play the piano and trumpet by ear and sings constantly at home.

“After watching him on stage, I realized he’s a totally different person. He transforms from having Down syndrome to just being an entertainer,” she said.

Henreid would like to grow the nonprofit organization to include a touring group and open up franchises worldwide so every child has a chance to realize their stage dreams.

The group has about 20 children now, though not all have disabilities.

Silverado resident Theresa Vance said her 14-year-old daughter Jessica was a typical teenage drama queen slowly realizing the world didn’t revolve around her. Then she joined Life Long Dreams to have the ability to perform outside of school programs and now helps out more at home and in school.

Jessica was one of two of the normal functioning teens that helped Megan Rosener overcome her stage fright.

“It’s been such an eye opening experience to see my child helping these children without any reservations and without any prejudgments or prejudices,” Theresa Vance said. “She’s always had a big heart but her heart has just opened up more. She’s learned that she’s not just a special child, that there are other kids out there that have more obstacles in life but can do just the same things that she can just as well if not better.”

For Jessica, it’s the first step toward Broadway.

And Megan, an eighth grader, wants to attend the Las Vegas Academy next year.

The group meets every Saturday at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints chapel, 2555 N. Jones Blvd., for an hour of singing and an hour of dance practice.

The choreography also works as a form of physical therapy and singing is akin to speech therapy for some of the children.

“These children do not have the same opportunities as normal functioning children. I’m sure a music teacher in a school that had a choir full of kids would be happy to welcome them but they would not be able to get the kind of one-on-one attention that they get in this program,” said Stephanie Thompson, vocal coach. “This program is all about them.”

The Life Long Dreams performers are scheduled to sing and dance at a Shoes for Children fundraiser Dec. 13 and the next day at a fundraiser for themselves. The second show was organized by local musician Phil Flowers, who is also giving the children a chance to record an album of original music.

The group is searching for more young stars, with or without disabilities, and community support to make their dreams real.

Jeff Pope can be reached at 990-2688 or

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Summerlin View Feature

CLICK HERE to check out the Summerlin View LLD feature story below.

Kids get chance to shine

Group finds place on local stage for youth


Vic Valbuena Bareng/ViewTshlene Henreid, founder of Life Long Dreams, is a former professional dancer whose career came to a halt after she was diagnosed with arthritis, which put her in a wheelchair for two years, she said.

Photos by Vic Valbuena Bareng/ViewTop, Zach Warringer, right, sings while, from left, Mary Moody, Taylor Lytle, Jeffrey Lytle and Janea Edgel dance during a rehearsal to prepare for an April 8 talent show. Bottom, Tshlene Henreid, center, founder of Life Long Dreams, leads the March 15 practice session, held inside The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 2555 N. Jones Blvd.


As a child, Tshlene Henreid dreamed of being on stage.

Now, she’s making that dream come true for talented children who have mental or physical disabilities.

She has set up a nonprofit organization called Life Long Dreams to do just that — putting them on local stages to allow them the chance to shine.

One of the participants is Zach Warringer, 17, who has Down syndrome. He also has an ear for singing, which transcends his disability.

In February, Henreid arranged for Zach to appear at a private function held at Palace Station and entertained patrons at Go Raw Café, 2910 Lake East Drive in The Lakes. He also appeared on stage at the Fremont Street Experience for the Taste and Sounds of Soul event on March 9.

“I like the music nice and loud, and I like it when the crowd sings along,” Zach said. “I like it when they clap.”

Henreid was born and raised in Oakland, Calif. She realized her childhood dream of being a dancer and enjoyed a whirlwind career that took her all around the globe, she explained.

But in 1989, when Henreid was in her mid-20s and at the height of her career, she returned from Japan with painful swelling in her ankles. It was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis, and it may have started there, but it didn’t stay.

It invaded her entire body, putting her in the hospital for a month. The pain, she said, was excruciating.

“I couldn’t brush my teeth or dress myself,” she recalled. “You think only older people get arthritis. I had no clue I could be in the shape I was in.”

The arthritis put her in a wheelchair for two years and necessitated a replacement joint for her left shoulder.

She spent the next 11 years in Los Angeles running her own talent agency, booking talent for everything from the Tom Cruise movie “The Last Samurai” to Britney Spears’ music videos.

Last year, Henreid moved to Las Vegas, where she co-produced a winter holiday show that highlighted children with health issues. That sparked the idea for the foundation and got the ball rolling.

“I know the struggle just to get out of bed each day,” Henreid said. “I want to inspire these kids.”

“If this can make my son happy, how many other kids are out there that I can make happy, too?” said Zach’s mother, Cathy Warringer. “When he’s up there on stage, you can see his natural talent. It’s like the part of his brain that’s not inhibited with Downs, takes over. When he’s performing, he changes hearts.”

The charity plans to set up other local performances so children with mental or physical disabilities can sing, dance, put on fashion shows and participate behind the scenes. For more information on Life Long Dreams, call 979-4642.

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