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Life Long Dreams 2010 Feature on KLAS News

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Many thanks to KLAS Channel 8 for their extensive coverage of Life Long Dreams.  The 3-part feature aired for an entire week in November of 2010, and greatly boosted awareness of Life Long Dreams in the Las Vegas community.

Group Offers Dreams to Special Kids

POSTED: NOV 18, 2010 3:35 PM PST

LAS VEGAS — You’ve heard of the Special Olympics — kids with special needs who win medals for track and field. But, what about those special needs kids who just want to sing, dance and perform on Broadway someday?

Lifelong Dreams is group that helps those kids with special needs achieve those dreams, and those dreams are coming true.

James Alovea has always dreamed of singing in front of an audience.

“I like that you can get to be free with your voice and let it all out,” he said.

His life has been confined to this wheelchair. Cerebral palsy made James believe his love for music would never be heard, until now. Lifelong Dreams has given dozens of kids with special needs the chance to sing, dance and perform.

“They should have an opportunity to express themselves. That’s what inspired us,” said Lifelong Dreams co-founder Tshlene Henreid.

Henreid and co-founder Cathy Warriner started Lifelong Dreams three years ago. Henreid used to be a dancer herself, before rheumatoid arthritis shattered her dreams. Now she lives them through kids like James.

“I don’t think they realize how much they heal our hearts and how they are medicine for our souls,” she said.

For these 25 teens, all they’ve ever wanted to do is to show they are like everyone else. It’s concerts that has helped James come out of his shell. No longer are these kids the quiet, shy ones in school.

“I can go on and on about the miracles that are helping in their lives. Now, they are auditioning for school plays,” said Henreid.

Both James and Tshlene are living their dreams. James went from watching the singers, to becoming one.

“This group helped me go from behind the stage to on stage,” he said.

These kids aren’t disabled. There are no wheelchairs, no canes, no down syndrome here in this concert hall. They perform just like anyone else, and sometime even better.

Both co-founders of Lifelong Dreams pay for everything out of their pocket, they could use the help. Also, they have had no place to practice, jumping from church to church just for the kids to be able to get their music lesson.


I had the opportunity to attend the production this past weekend and my heart was full!!! I don’t have much to donate, but, whatever I do have, will go to this organization! There was not a dry eye in the audience. What an experience for all who attended. They were so talented and these kids hearts were so pure and transparent. You could see straight to their souls. God bless everyone involved. — diabell 

What an awesome group and such talented children. I really hope that people in the area can help them out. I’ve checked out their website and they are such precious children. Can’t wait to contact them and find out how i can help. — LVHobbit

I live in Brooklyn, New York and volunteer with similar groups of young adults with special gifts in the NYC metro area. I know how much of a blessing it is to my life just to experience a feeling of pure love which is not an easy thing to find. I want to encourage my fellow “young at heart Baby Boomers ” in the Las Vegas Area to support “Lifelong Dreams” and watch how much “YOU” grow! Special congratulations to all the volunteers, especially My Twin Sister, who shared her spirit of joy to a Broadway caliber production! — Aunt

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