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Life Long Dreams

A Vehicle for Hope, Courage and Determination. 

A Vision to Share With The World

Welcome to Life Long Dreams blog!  This is the home where dreams are conceived.  Our performing and creative arts program embraces individuals with special needs, who are often overlooked.  Our mission is to inspire these individuals to realize their artistic potential, enabling them to fully cultivate their talents by participating in a unique and special program.  Life Long Dreams students will bring joy to your heart and inspire YOU to dream!  Join us on this amazing journey as we continue to reshape disability into special ability!

Words that cannot easily be expressed find a way to come alive through participation in our performing and creative arts program.  By integrating the arts with education, Life Long Dreams creates the foundation for students to develop their self-esteem and social skills. Local entertainers play an integral role in our student’s growth too, helping them discover hidden talents and develop their artistic abilities.  And through specialized training in music, dance, drama, art, theater and production, students are given the opportunity to showcase their talents at various functions and public events.

Life Long Dreams is bridging the gap between the disabled community and the arts/entertainment industry; creating new opportunities for individuals with special needs and opening doors that have never before been opened.


Hearts came together because of a musically gifted teenager who had Down syndrome.  Tshlene Henreid was producing a show called “Wish Upon A Star”, a charitable event to benefit under privileged and special needs children.  Cathy Warriner heard about this show and contacted Tshlene about her son, Zach.  The show was two weeks away and one of the boys had dropped out.  Tshlene invited Cathy to bring Zach in for an audition.

It was love at first song for Tshlene, and Zach was signed on to perform with a local star, as well as perform the solo finale.  Cathy volunteered to help Tshlene with last minute details of the show and became her right hand the night of the production. As Cathy watched her son standing on stage singing “You Are Loved” by Josh Groban, she realized that Down syndrome vanished and Zach was able to express who he really is through his music.  “There has to be other children like Zach who just need the chance to show the world who they really are”, thought Cathy.

Both Tshlene and Cathy came to the realization that they each had a similar dream to provide opportunities in the creative and performing arts to children who have never been given that opportunity before.  Cathy had dreamed of opening a music school for children with special needs. Tshlene, having a dance background and suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, wanted to help children with medical challenges fulfill their dreams in the performing arts.

The two began to dream together, research, learn and work with vigor to fulfill their dreams and create opportunities in the Creative and Performing Arts for the special needs children of Las Vegas.  Thus Life Long Dreams was conceived in 2008.

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Cathy Warriner & Tshlene Henreid


Born in Oakland, California, Tshlene Henreid is trained in modern, classical ballet and jazz.  She began her professional dance career in 1980, performing in numerous dance concerts, festivals and musical theater productions throughout the Pacific Northwest.  In 1986, Tshlene obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from Cornish Institute of Allied Arts in Seattle.

After graduating, Tshlene began touring abroad with various dance companies, as well as working on film and television projects such as Harlem Nights (starring Eddie Murphy), and the HBO Special “Partners In Crime”(starring Robert Townsend), to name a few.

But, as fate would have it, in 1989 Tshlene was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Soon thereafter, she found out that the disease would debilitate her entire body for years to come. Nonetheless, in 1992, Tshlenes’ resilient nature led to her opening a SAG franchised talent agency in Hollywood, California, where she quickly began booking clients in film and television projects such as General Hospital, Party of Five, The Temptations Mini Series, The Last Samurai and many more. Most recently, Tshlene launched Cypress Entertainment in 2008, and is currently developing a talent management division for children and adults with special needs.


Cathy Warriner was born in Provo, Utah and attended Brigham Young University. In 1982, she moved to Seattle, where she spent several years training city, school and federal agencies in emergency preparedness.  She is an accomplished teacher and public speaker. She has managed several businesses as well as organizations working with women and teens.

Cathy is an accomplished bronze sculptor and has showcased her pieces in several art galleries throughout the United States.  She is currently publishing her first series of children’s books, which are based on true stories about her son, Zach, that will inspire and uplift every child who reads them to do the great things that they are entitled and meant to do.

Cathy is the proud mother of 6 children (4 are adopted) and has 13 wonderful grandchildren.  She and her husband have raised several children with special challenges. Their youngest son, Zach, who has Down syndrome, was the inspiration behind Life Long Dreams.   Cathy believes every child has been given unique and special gifts that they can use to make the world a better place. This belief was the driving force that motivated her to provide the opportunity for children with special needs to perform in public and express their beautiful personalities through the Fine Arts.

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